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Kerala Christianity Research Articles : Prof. Menachery
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Christianity Older then Hinduism in Kerala


1.1.   The title

1.2.   Its true significance

1.3.    It may even be that the Syriac script and liturgy was there in Kerala before the Devanagari and the Vedas.

1.4.   Keralolpathy

1.5.   RLS Rochester

1.6.   GKC GBS Title means

1.7.   Definition title

2.       Hindu Definition : Land across Indus

3.      02.01 Hinduism in Kerala

4.      02.02 Even upto China

4.1.   but not Kerala

4.2.    Hindus late in K

4.3.    Chera, Pandy, Kongunadu

4.4.    Pahlavi crosses somewhat earlier

4.5.    Date of these crosses

4.6.    Six crosses oldest

4.7.    Vigrahas later still in central K

4.8.    List of Soundrarajan

4.9.    MGS on statues (Quote)

4.10.                     All other communities later or extinct e.g. Nairs (Sudras), Muslims

4.11.                     Sankara

4.12.                     Sankaras Century

4.13.                     Hindu Customs

4.14.                     Nasabharanam

4.15.                     Shubra Vasthram

4.16.                     The 64 Anacharams

4.17.                      MGS

4.18.                     Veluthat Kesavan Paper

4.19.                     The Mahabali story

4.20.                     St. Ephraem Brahmins Century Part of India referred to

4.21.                     Oldest organized religion in K

4.22.                     Fergusson

4.23.                     Shadow of Vigrahas

4.24.                     Only Bhagavathy temples or Kavus

4.25.                     Even during Pooram Thidambu Thiruvambady

4.26.                     Vadakkumnathan no Pooram

4.27.                     Pallikkalakal

4.28.                     Why historians do not speak out on these topics MGS Legend of Parasurama of Thomas   

5.      Christian beginnings in K

5.1.   Early Indian Records

5.2.   Copper Plate Grants

5.3.   Rock Inscriptions

5.4.   Thazhekkad Shasanam

5.5.   Kinayi Thoma Plates

5.6.   Tharisapalli Plates

5.7.   Oldest cities Palayur, Kodungallur, Parur

5.8.   Roman Gold Coins

5.9.   Western witnesses down the centuries

5.10.                    Oldest places (7)

5.11.                     Geological plates

5.12.                    Populated places 1C

5.13.                    Small population of 1C

6.      Status of Christians

6.1.   Privileges aristocratic

6.2.   Nayars Sudras

6.3.   Channar Lahala

6.4.   Equality with Namboodidis

6.5.   Thodeel

6.6.   Office-bearers in temples

6.7.   Best soldiers

6.8.   Masters of trade

6.9.   72 Royal privileges

6.10.                    Azhuvanchery Thambrakkal +

6.11.                    Kerala Gold

6.12.                    Kerala pepper

6.13.                    Kerala Nazranee

6.14.                    05.00 Social life of Christians in the early centuries

6.15.                    Customs

6.16.                    Traditions

6.17.                    Foreign trade

6.18.                    Best soldiers

6.19.                    Roman gold coins

6.20.                    Art and architecture

6.21.                    Castes under Christians

6.22.                    Artisans under Christians

6.23.                    Elephants in churches

6.24.                    Synod of Diamper canons of

6.25.                    Art and culture

6.26.                    Art and architecture

6.27.                    Mahabali

6.28.                    Rock Cross

6.29.                    Balikkallu

6.30.                    Deepasthamba

6.31.                    Dwaja sthamba

6.32.                    Nazraney sthamba

6.33.                    Chuttu Vilakku

6.34.                    Lacuna

6.35.                    Dark age


An Interview with Prof. George Menachery by a German TV presenter

Question: Where do you get your ideas?

GM: I try to draw my idea from real life as much as possible, such as things I notice in my own land around me, in the life and culture of people I know or I have known in childhood. These ideas I test for truth with books, documents, other sources.

Q: What has the response been to your most recent speeches?

GM: Most people have been very interested in them. Though some have been greatly disturbed by them, too. The christians themselves are surprised and others shocked. But death threats aside, I feel it is all to the good,as Jeeves would have said.