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Apostle St. Thomas
Photo Page/1 Picture | Apostle St. Thomas in India

Editor ' Nazranies', St.Thomas Christian Encyclo&c
Prof. George Menachery

1950 Continuous Years of Kerala Christianity
1950  Continuous Years of Kerala Christianity

Here are more pictures from Kerala India on Christianity and churches of Malabar dealing with the St. Thomas Christians or Mar Thoma Nazranies and their Founding Father Apostle St. Thomas.

On this page, I might describe common threads among my photographs or talk about the themes I try to explore with the camera. I'll also include one or two representative photographs on this page.

The Nazranies :Indian Church History Classics
15 complete and unabridged books PLUS lengthy extracts from 22 others

St. Thomas the Apostle Mt.Sinai

A tree in autumn; Size=240 pixels wide

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