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Here you'll learn all about me: my interests and hobbies, the people in my family, my pets, and more. I've even included a list of my favorite links to other sites.

Curriculum Vitae / Resume 
for Prof. George Menachery 
Entries are grouped, for convenience, into Twenty Sections and for brevity’ sake only material that is indicative (rather than exhaustive) is given under each head. A certain amount of (unavoidable) overlapping was necessitated in the interests of clarity. 
The Twenty Sections in this C. V. are: 
1. Personal Data 
2. Education 
3. Employment History & Work Experience 
4. Publications 
5. Professional Societies 
6. Seminars 
7. Papers                                                                                                               8. Websites                                                                                                          9. Fine Arts                                                                                                         10. Performing Arts
11. Bibliographies 
12. Maps & Photographs 
13.Museums & Exhibitions 
14.Research Interests 
16.Other Skills 
17.Service to Profession and Community 
19.Membership in Other Bodies 
20.Prizes & Awards 
There could be some errors and omissions esp. regarding dates &c. 

1. Personal Data 
1.1 Full Name: George Menachery 
1.2 Home Address: Prof. George Menachery, Erinjery House, 1/150, Padinjare Angady, OLLUR, Kerala, 680306 
1.3 Professional Address: Chief Editor, The St. Thomas Christian Encyclopaedia of India, Pallinada, OLLUR, Kerala, 680306 
1.4 Telephone: 91487 2352468 Telefax: 91487 2354398 e-mail:                                             Website:,                                                                                           1.5 Date of Birth: 2nd June, 1938 (Official) 2nd April, 1938 (Actual)               1.6 Place of Birth: Kattur, Thrissur Dt., Kerala

1.7. Father: Menachery Erinjery Thoma Kochouseph (E. T. Joseph) 
1.8. Mother: Alappatt Palathingal Puthenpura Kunjuvareed Kunjethy            1.9. Marital Satus: Married, 5 Children - 2s., 3d.                                            1.10 Wife: Vazhapilly George Maggy
1.11 Civil Status: Citizen of India Passport # J250033(Jan.,1972); 
U705442(July,1983); Q658636(Dec.,1993); E7965993 (August 2004)      
Entries are indicative rather than exhaustive 
2. Education 
Govt. H.S., Ollur 1943-45 
Pompeii St. Mary’s H.S., Kattur 1945-53 
Colleges / Universities: 
St. Joseph’s College, Thiruchirappalli (Inter) 1953-55 Madras U. 
St. Joseph’s College, Thiruchirappalli (B.A.,Maths) 1955-57 Madras U. 
(Hislop College of Journalism, Nagpur - Obtained Admission for B. A. Journalism 
but family did not allow to join this course.) 
St. Thomas’ College, Trichur (B. A. Economics, History) 1958-60 II Class Kerala U. 
St. Joseph’s College, Devagiri (I yr. M. A.English L&L) 1960-61 
University College, Trivandrum (II yr. M.A.English L&L) 1961-62 II Class Kerala U. 
Doctoral Work Experience: 
1. While an English Lecturer, registered for Ph.D. History, Kerala University, 1975 
after selection by Dr. T.K.Ravindran & Dr. C. V. Cherian. 
Subject: Impact of the Portuguese on Kerala Society and Culture 1498 - 1653. 
Work discontinued after death of guide Dr. Marthanda Varma of U.C.College, 
2. Again registered for Ph. D. History (Calicut U.) with Dr. M.G.S. Narayanan and 
Prof. A. Sreedhara Menon as co-guides. 
Subject: Christian Art and Architecture of Kerala 
But University reported all original documents and application missing, which could 
not be traced by the University to-date. 
3. A final attempt made in ca. 1990 to revive the registration for Ph. D. History 
(Kerala U.) with Dr. Kusuman as guide did not fructify as the revival fees 
could not be remitted in time. 
Inst. Social Sciences, Poona - D.S.S. Diploma in Social Sciences 1957 
World Assembly of Youth - International Youth Leadership Training (Mysore-3 months) 1963 
Inst. Leadership Training, Trichur - P.G. Diploma in Kerala Christian History & Culture 1980 
Inst. Leadership Training, Trichur – 3 other P. G. Diplomas in other Social & Cultual fields. 

3. Employment History & Work Experience 
3.1 Teaching Experience 
3.111 Lecturer in English, St. Thomas’ College, Thrissur 1962 - 1992 (30 Years) 
3.112 Post- Graduate Teaching Experience ,, ,, 1965 - 1992 ( ca.25 Years) 
3.113 P. G. Professor & Head of the Dept. of English, St. Thomas’ College, Trichur - 
1988 - 1992 (Voluntary Retirement in 1992 - for research & publication) 
3.121 Visiting Professor, Christian Art & Architecture, Pontifical Inst., Alwaye 1984 - to date 
3.131 Course Co-Director, Residential Leadership Training Course, Trichur 1967 
3.132 Course Director, PG Diploma Course in Ker. Christ. Hist. & Culture, Trichur & 
Ernakulam 1980, 2000, 2001 
3.133 Course Co- Director, Various PG Diploma Courses in Soc. Teachings, Training courses in 
Akshara Slokam, Margam Kali etc. 

Note: Entries are indicative rather than exhaustive 
3.134 Course Director & Instructor, Workshops & Seminars in Art, Architecture, 
Journalism, Media etc. 
3.2 Editorial & Research Responsibilities 
3.211 Chief Editor, The St. Thomas Christian Encyclopaedia of India 1969 - to date; published 3 volumes Vol. I 1982, Vol. II 1973, Vol. III 2010 
3.212 Chief Editor, Indian Church HistoryClassics 1992 - to date Published Vol.I The Nazranies, 1998, Vol II The Catholics (in the press)                        3.213 Chief Editor, The Ayurveda Encyclopaedia of India 1992 - to date (7 VOLS.) –yet to be published
3.214 Editorial Board, Deepika Christian Directory of India, Kottayam 2000 , Editor in Charge 2010
3.215 Chief Editor, Janakeeya Aasuthranam Directory, Ollur 1998 
3.221 Member, Founding Editorial Board, The Christian Orient, 1974 Kottayam 
3.222 Member, Founding Editorial Board, Dukhrana, 1978 Kottayam 
3.223 Chief Editor, Journal of Malayalam Literature, Kerala Sahitya Academy, 1982 -84 
3.224 Member, Founding Editorial Board, St. Thomas Christians Journal, 2000 Rajkot 
3.23 Chief Editor or Editorial Responsibility: 
3.231 Hamsick Weekly 1958 -59 
3.232 College Magazine, St. Thomas’ College, Trichur 1960 
3.233 Kerala University Education Conference Souvenir 1963 
3.234 St. Thomas’ College Diamond Jubilee Souvenir 1980 
3.235 Navakerala Shilpikal, Kerala History Assn., Ernakulam ca. 1980 - 83 
3.236 Papal Visit Souvenir Trichur 1986 
3.237 Diocesan Centenary Souvenir Trichur 1990 
3.238 Msgr. Z. Vazhapilly Memoirs 1991 
3.239 Ollur St. Anthony Octingenary Souvnir 1996 

4. Publications 
4.1 Reference Books Edited: 
4.11 The St. Thomas Christian Encyclopaedia of India (in 4 vols., 3 pubd.),1982, 1973,2010 
4.12 The Indian Church History Classics (in 3 vols., 1 Pubd.), 1998, II in the press 
4.13 The Thomapedia, 2000 
4.2 Monographs: 
4.21 Pallikkalakalum Mattum, in Malayalam, Collected articles, 1984 
4.22 Kodungallur the City of St. Thomas, with another, 1987 
4.23 Die Wunderbare Geschichte der Nazranees oder Malabar Christen 
von heiligen Thomas, in German, 1994 

4.24 Kodungallur Cradle of Christianity in India , 2000, with another
5. Professional Societies 
5.01 Executive Committee, Kerala Sahitya Academy, 1982-84 
5.02 Executive Committee, Kerala History Association, 1974-1988, and from 2010 
5.03 Advisory Board of Archaeology, Govt. of Kerala, 1975-82 
5.04 National Vice-President, Newman Assn. of India, Bombay, 1964-72 
5.05 Senate, Calicut University, 1980-84 
5.06 Senate Representative in the Statutory Finance Committee, Calicut University, 1980-84 
5.07 Pastoral Council, Trichur Diocesan/Archdiocesan Pastoral Council, 1978-2011 
5.08 Sahrudaya Vedi, Trichur, Life Member from beginning 

Entries are indicative rather than exhaustive 
5.09 President, Kalasadan, 1985-1993 
5.10 Curator, Christian Cultural Museum, Trichur, 1980- present 
5.11 Life Member, Numismatic Society of S. India 
5.12 Church History Assn. of India (Vice-President elected Goa, 2005-2008, Secretary General Elected Shillong 2009-2012
5.13 LSPSS (Ayurveda), Life Member 
5.14 Academic and Education Council for IT, OSSS 
5.14 Place Name Society of India 
5.15 Member of many libraries in India and Abroad 
5.16 Founder Participant, Christian Musicology Society. 

6. Seminars 
6.01 National Assembly of the Newman Ass. of India, Madras, 1962 
6.02 Kerala University Educational Seminar, Trivandrum, 1963 
6.03 Pax Romana International Assembly, Bombay, 1964 
6.04 Kerala Regional Seminar, Church in India Today, 1968 
6.05 National Seminar Church in India Today, Bangalore, 1969 
6.06 National Seminar on Catholic Education in India, 1969 
6.07 National Seminar, Pax Romana, New York, 1972 
6.08 International Portuguese Seminar, 1985 as observer 
6.09 World Syriac Conference, 1998 and following ones 
6.10 Biennial International Congress of Societas Liturgica, 1999 
6.11 National Seminar on Social Life of Malabar Church before the Portuguese, 1999 
6.12 National Seminar on Namboothiries, Jews, & Sangham Literature, 2000 
6.13 National Seminar on Church & Mission, Satna, 2000 
6.14 National Seminar on Christian Cultural Heritage, 2001 
6.15 Annual Conferences of Numismatics Society of Tamil Nadu , Madras, Erode, Karur 
6.16 Annual Conferences of Numismatic Society of S. India, Trichur, Kanyakumai, Veliyanad 
6.17 Annual Conferences of Lok Swasthya Parampara Savardhan Samithi, Coimbatore, Poona 
6.18 National Indian Sciences Congress, Madras, 1998 
6.19 Vasthu Shilpa National Seminar, Kalady University, 2000 
6.20 AICHE Conferences - various years 
6.21 National Jainism Congress, 1975 
6.22 World Malayalam Conference , Trivandrum 1977 
6.23 World Congress on Five-Dimensional Painting, Rome, 1978 
6.24 IT Bangalore Seminars, Bangalore 2000 
6.25 Archaeology Seminars ( Kodungallur, etc.) 

7. Papers Given 
Have given papers at most of the seminars mentioned in No. 6 above. Titles of some papers are given below: 
7.1 Christian Devalaya Vasthusilpa or Church Architecture of Kerala 
7.2 Veracity of parts of the Acts of Judas Thomas and the Song of Thomas Rambhan corrobo- .....5 
Page /5/ 
Entries are indicative rather than exhaustive 
rated by advances in Indian Numinmatic Studies. 
7.3 Archives: Problems on Establishment & Maintenance in Dioceses 
7.4 Social Life and Customs of the St.Thomas Christians in the Pre-Diamper Period. 
7.5 Cultural Heritage of the Thomas Churches 
7.6 Rock Sculpture in Kerala w.sp.r.t. Churches of Kerala 

8. Websites                                                                                                           8.1Has hosted for various organizations, churches, Churches, Dipoceses etc. more than a dozen sites from 1998 onwards. The following are own sites:

9. Fine Arts  

Has a collection of 200 paintings, all drawn at art workshops conducted/organised by Prof. George Menachery                                                                                                      10. Performing Arts

He was able to include Margamkali in the State youth Festival. Had conducted many training courses in Margaqm Kali and Parichamuttukali. His own children have won prizes at youth festivals at various levels for Mohiniyattam and Bharatanatyam.

11. Bibliographies & Indices 
Compiled and/or supplemented, and printed Bibliographies on more than hundred topics connected with Christianity in India and Indian Society and Culture in general. 
Compiled the 60 page most exhaustive index section of the THOMAP(A)EDIA having seven separate indices for Title Words and Contributors, Photographs, Dates, Personal Names, Place Names, Subjects/Events, Bibliographical Details. 

12. Maps & Photographs 
Designed and produced dozens of thematic maps for the reference books edited. 
Took or had caused to be taken more than 25000 photographs connected with Kerala/ India history and culture and society of which around 2500 have already been printed. 

13.Museums & Exhibitions 
Planned, designed, established various museums and conducted various exhibitions a few of which are: 
13.01 World of Books Exhibitions, 1966, 1968, 1971 (Trichur, Kottayam). 
13.02 Chief Organiser,Panorama of Indian Christianity Exhibitions, Ernakulam, Kottayam, 
Changanacherry, Trichur, Madras, New York, Detroit, Atlanta...1971-73 
13.03 Collaborated in Christian Heritage Exhibition, Bangalore, 1972 
13.04 Organiser, Christian History and Culture Exhibition, Vadavathoor (with Fr, Koodapuzha 
and Rector  Fr. Kalassery, 1973 
13.05 Chief Organiser, World Malayalam Conference Exhibition, Kanakakkunnu, Tvm., 1977 
13.06 Chief Organiser, Christian Pavilion, Trichur Pooram exhibition, 1978 
13.07 Founder Director and Curator, Christian Cultural Museum, Trichur, 1980. 
13.08 Chief Organiser, Christian Cultural Exhibition, Baker Hill, Kottayam, 1980 
13.09 Exhibition and Museum, Jeevass, Alwaye. 
13.10 Christian Pavilion, Pooram Exhibition, 2000 
13.11 Consultant for many museums, archives, libraries.                                       14. BOOKS

14.1 Owns more than 3000 old books in history, culture, art, archaeology, tourism, reference, ….and many more books in other subjects.
15.Research Interests 
Pl.see see entries under Seminars, Papers, Professional Societies etc. 

Has visited Museums and libraries in many countries, like: Italy, the Vatican, U.S., U.K., Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark. France, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, UAE etc. many times. 
Visited large number libraries and museums and monuments all over India and Kerala. 

16.Other Skills 
17.Service to Profession and Community 
19.Membership in Other Bodies 

20. Prizes and Awards:

First Syro Malabar Church Award LRC 2009 for Research 

KSGG Award (Chevalier - Member Equistrian Order of St. Gregory the Great awarded by Pope Benedict XVI) 

KCBC Tathvika Vaijnanika Award 2008 POC

P. Thomas  History Award 2008 of the P. Thomas Foundation 

First Trichur Archdiocesan Media Commission Award 

Mar Thoma Puraskaram 2002 Changanassery 

J. Nedunkunnam History Award, Vaikom 

LEC Award Ollur 

Darshana Award, Thrissur 

Vidya Gurushreshta Award 2011 

John Alenchery Research Award Vadavathoor

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